Originally from the Dragon Isles, the Latori are often regarded as Praline's most intelligent race. The Irian performed experiments on a number of members of the species, resulting in bizarre mutations that seem to correspond with the region they inhabit. These abilities range from emitting sub-zero breath to fire itself.

Appearance Edit

The appearance of members of the Latori race varies between the distinct groups initially created after exposure to a rather powerful ether crystal via Irian influence. However, all members of the species share a dragonesque appearance.

Flame Latori Edit

The fire-spitting variant of the species is quite brutish for a Latori, and is often regarded as the least intelligent member of its race. Their actions are rather barbaric, and they have a lust for conquering and destroying anything that happens to get in their way. That is, other than potential mates, and occasionally even they are not spared; anything that won't benefit them is worthless in their eyes. They possess medium-sized scales.

Ice Latori Edit

The ice-spitting variant of the species is regarded as the most-intelligent and passive of the Latori. Wise and powerful, they possess larger scales than their other counterparts.